Possible Drug Treatment Methods

For a successful treatment in Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center, a specialized hospital, a drug addict requires strong motivation. Relatives and close people will help find it. The patient needs hospitalization. Treatment of Drug Dependence The main stages of drug dependence treatment are as follows: detoxification, tonic, stimulating therapy in combination with taking a narcotic […]

Various Means for Fighting Drug Addiction

Treatment of substance abuse requires a systematic integrated approach. Any negligence can negate all previous efforts. The psychological component is very important aimed at creating the patient’s convincing motivation for treatment – only then he will be able to get rid of drug addiction. Drug addiction imposes a heavy imprint on all spheres of life […]

Treatment of Teen Substance Abuse

Overcoming of Withdrawal In modern drug abuse practice, there is a wide enough arsenal of means for coping with withdrawal syndrome. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to determine the composition and quantity of drugs in each case or prescribe other detoxification methods. This can only be done by a qualified […]

Substance Abuse Counseling

The problem of preventing and treating substance abuse is extremely important, acute and complex. It differs according to age characteristics, sexual manifestations, individual social situation. Most often, a person’s relatives or relatives turn to a psychologist with the problem of substance abuse. The first meetings of an “unmotivated” client are quite complex, they require special […]

Mental Health Counseling

Every person feels anxiety or stress sometimes. If you feel unwell, you should seek help. For example, in the event of prolonged stress, it is desirable to influence the situation before sleep problems or despondency begin. In recent years, the threshold for seeking help with poor mental well-being has decreased, but many more people have […]

Addiction Counseling

Bridge to Awareness counseling center specializes in counseling services provided to people with different types of psychological addictions. Our specialists have many years of experience and possess objective information about the methods and results of treatment. The purpose of the consultation is to assist the client, deal with the problem of addiction in the family, […]

Teen Substance Abuse Counseling

Teen substance abuse is a serious widespread problem that causes increasing damage to humanity. Social consequences of such an abuse are becoming more and more apparent in many different countries around the world. Social factors, in any case, are closely related to this problem. Substance abuse takes its tribute from humanity, making a significant contribution […]