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My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is an online drug store which sells certified meds, vitamins, and other goods for health and beauty. We offer round-the-clock service, convenient courier delivery, and expert advice. We have our own warehouse, equipped at the highest level. Thanks to this and careful testing of products for the availability of relevant documentation, we can guarantee the quality of the products presented on the website.

Our company is not only a network of pharmacies, but it is also a team of professionals, advanced technologies of the pharmacy business, a wide range of quality products.

Over years, our store has become a place of concentration of the most complete range of health products all over the world. All products are certified, and we follow all necessary rules and regulations during transportation and storage of goods.

We have a wide assortment of products for health and beauty that will make you feel one hundred percent: Pain Relief, Antibiotics, Women’s Health, Antidepressants, Mental Health, Epilepsy, Sleep Aid, Blood Pressure, Asthma, Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Eye Care, Cancer, and others.

Our goal

Our goal is to develop our company, transform it into a first choice pharmacy for consumers, distinguished by high-quality, professional service and a wide range of medicines.

Our mission

Our mission is promoting the solution of important social problems to improve the quality of life of people by providing high-quality and effective preventive and medicinal products, goods for beauty and health, as well as by carrying out preventive and informational work to promote the values of a healthy lifestyle. Our slogan: “Take care of your health!”

Our core values

  • Employees are the main value of our company. We are aware that the success of the company is determined by the competent, honest work of the employees and their achievements. We are interested in the professional and creative growth of each employee;
  • The client is the person who is always welcomed at our website. We strive to earn a reputation for our business and maintain it;
  • Impeccable quality is the subject of reasonable pride of the company and sincere admiration of customers;
  • Striving for leadership – We always strive for continuous development and improvement of our online store;
  • Partners and their relationship to the company are important investments in the future;
  • The brand of My Canadian Pharmacy is a guarantee of reliability for partners;
  • Reputation is our core capital, honesty is the main principle of activity.

The history of the company

Our pharmacy started its history in 1992. In the following years, the store developed and expanded its range, numerous events were held in conjunction with pharmaceutical manufacturers and leading representatives of medical schools, the reputation of a reliable drug store was formed. The number of regular customers increased every year.

Today, MyCanadianPharmacy is one of the largest online drugstores with a wide range of medicines, products for a healthy lifestyle, medical equipment, and patient care products.

From the very beginning, we develop and introduce modern technologies and continue to search for new forms of work in order to improve the level and quality of service. Today, you can solve many problems without leaving your apartment or office using the Internet. Online pharmacies are becoming a common form of drug care. You can get information about the availability of the drug, advice on its use, place your order online. In this regard, the convenience of our company is undeniable.

Using this service, you can order healthcare products, participate in promotions and contests, receive additional discounts, get acquainted with information about preparations, read articles about medical and pharmacy news, consult our pharmacists.

Price policy

Our store offers the best prices among other companies – just compare and see for yourself! This is possible thanks to competent policies and long-term cooperation with major suppliers. We buy and sell a large number of drugs – this is what gives us the opportunity to offer Canadian meds at very competitive prices. We strive to keep a low price policy and maintain the same quality: all of our medicines have the necessary certificates and are also tested.

Our specialization

Generics are certified copies of branded drugs that are identical to them in all technological aspects of production, composition, and effect. The only difference between the generic and the original product is the lower price of the first. This is due to the lack of costs for research and advertising. Our online store offers high-quality licensed generics of the most famous drugs to increase potency, get rid of erectile dysfunction, and much more. Being the official distributor of all products presented in the catalog, we can guarantee their high quality and offer the most affordable prices.

Benefits of our generics:

  1. Affordable cost. The price of generics is always significantly lower than the originals, however, by purchasing meds in our online pharmacy, you save even more – thanks to the favorable pricing policy, the present system of discounts and numerous bonuses;
  2. High quality. We represent only certified products and directly cooperate with their manufacturers, which allows us to guarantee customers consistent quality, efficiency and safety of all products;
  3. Wide selection. This section presents a large assortment of the best modern generics with an impeccable reputation and proven high-quality reliable drugs, among which it is easy to choose the best version;
  4. Security. Buying generics in our online store, you get a quality drug and can avoid counterfeits.

Our bestsellers

  • Female Viagra was created specifically for the beautiful half of humanity, which enhances sensitivity and sexual excitability and also extends the satisfaction. The active substances increase the blood supply to the female genital area, thus increasing the sensations. As the research showed, most women aged 19 to 65 years quickly reached orgasm and had much more pleasure during intercourse after taking female Viagra. This is a fundamentally new product offered by our partners;
  • Generic Levitra is a modern potency enhancement agent that millions of men already trust. Levitra is one of the fastest drugs – the effect occurs within 10-15 minutes after use and lasts up to 10 hours. The action of the remedy is similar to that of Viagra, but in many cases, Levitra is more effective. In addition to improving the blood supply to the male organ, the drug is favored by a special enzyme, which contributes to enhancing the action of nitric oxide. Vardenafil – active substance – enters the bloodstream immediately, which reduces the waiting time for the agent, the peak effect is reached in about an hour. The tablet does not lose its effectiveness when taken with fatty foods and alcohol. You can order Levitra online right now!
  • Generic Dapoxetine is a drug for prolonging sexual intercourse. Here you can order Dapoxetine at a low price and anonymously, with quick delivery. Dapoxetine can prolong your sexual intercourse up to 4 times. This means that the end of your sexual intercourse will come when you want it. This substance is also included in our popular drug Viagra Super P-Force, where it is combined with Sildenafil Citrate. You can purchase Dapoxetine as a separate product and combine it with Levitra or Cialis, which will allow you to achieve two effects at once: erection and prolongation of sexual intercourse;
  • Viagra Super P-Force is the newest product of the best drug manufacturers. Sildenafil citrate is enhancing the flow of blood to the genitals, and Dapoxetine retains ejaculation. Super P-force is used to prevent premature ejaculation, enhance erection and prolong the pleasure.

8 reasons to buy drugs in My Canadian Pharmacy

The purchase of drugs and medical products in our online store is a modern, profitable and simple service. Thousands of customers all over the globe have already appreciated the convenience of our service:

  1. We sell only high-quality, certified drugs and medical devices. These are original products from leading manufacturers, as well as more affordable generic analogs. Their low cost does not mean lower efficiency;
  2. We have a convenient catalog which is simply navigated. You see all the goods, they are divided into groups, you can compare prices;
  3. The website has a search engine. Just enter the name of the desired preparation, the page will give all the results, and you will place an order;
  4. Our pharmacists can provide you with competent advice. All our specialists have a medical education, know all modern preparations and old proven remedies;
  5. Our online pharmacy has all the innovations of the pharmaceutical market in stock: perhaps, this very tool remedy will help solve your problem;
  6. We regularly hold promotions, sales, make discounts on the purchase of the most popular medical products and all sorts of goods for health;
  7. We have a wide choice of medicines and various medical products: here you can find goods for the whole family;
  8. It is easy to contact us: if you have any questions, you can leave a request on the website, send an email or call us. You can also subscribe to our news and be the first to know about all the recent or important events of your store.

You will quickly find the product you need in our reliable pharmacy without leaving your home!

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