Addiction Counseling

Addiction Counseling

Bridge to Awareness counseling center specializes in counseling services provided to people with different types of psychological addictions. Our specialists have many years of experience and possess objective information about the methods and results of treatment. The purpose of the consultation is to assist the client, deal with the problem of addiction in the family, understand and find a way to solve this problem, see the potential, get acquainted with the techniques and types of treatment.

Types of psychological addiction

An addiction is an inadequately high susceptibility to one or another external influence, as a rule, due to personal inability to refuse influence as a result of such influence. Bridge to Awareness listed the most widespread types of psychological addiction 2018:

  1. Addiction to the person. This type undoubtedly occupies the main place in terms of the prevalence and feelings of people who have fallen through it so strong that in the absence of satisfaction of craving for the object of their desire, people go to the most serious actions, including murder and suicide. This is especially true of women: their addiction to men can force them to make any sacrifices, just to stay close to the object of their desire;
  2. Food addiction develops, as a rule, if a person begins to take food in order to distract from problems or while watching interesting programs, forming a kind of reflex in oneself;
  3. Alcohol addiction. The person begins to take the first steps towards obtaining this kind of psychological pathology in childhood when watching movies and commercials that serve alcohol as an essential attribute of a successful person. Growing up and socializing, the young man no longer represents holidays or going to clubs without alcohol. In case of problems or depression, he also searches for help in a bottle. Alcohol dependence is forming slowly but steadily;
  4. Smoking addiction. The same hype in movies and commercials, the same calming nerves by smoking a cigarette. And here it is – nicotine addiction. It develops faster than alcohol;
  5. Drug addiction is rather short-lived since the transition to the next phase – physical dependence – occurs very quickly and remains an unnoticed victim. A single type of drug that can be taken for quite a long time and cannabinoids are enough to get along with mental addiction. Teen substance abuse is also widespread nowadays;
  6. Internet addiction. This new mental disorder appeared relatively recently. Internet addiction, as a psychological phenomenon, was formed at the intersection of several powerful human desires at once – curiosity, desires to communicate and assert themselves, become famous and influence important processes. All the Internet gives this to a person the Internet. Without it, the world of many people will lose some of its “colors”.

How Bridge to Awareness can help you

Currently, there is a fairly wide range of types of assistance to people faced with the problem of psychological addiction. In this area, there are often adherents of traditional medicine, healing, the occult, and other pseudoscientific methods. Also, assistance is offered by state and commercial organizations, many of which position themselves as effective and claim to uniqueness. It is very difficult for a person or his relatives who are in a difficult life situation to make the right decision which counseling center to choose.

Bridge to Awareness offers assistance to people who have addition. Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of psychology and have objective information about the methods and quality of drug treatment.

  • We will help you to make the right choice in favor of quality treatment, which will help you save time and money, get peace of mind today and confidence in the future;
  • If necessary, professional psychologists of our center carry out both individual and family addiction counseling to solve difficult life situations that are relevant to you;
  • An outpatient program helps people who have addiction find new opportunities and gives them a chance to regain the trust and respect of relatives and friends, which, in turn, will return warmth and love to your family;
  • Regular lectures, training, seminars and intensives. Doctors, candidates of science, psychologists of different directions, professional trainers from different cities regularly visit our counseling center and help addicts and their families to recover a bright and eventful life.

Psychological assistance is the method that:

  • helps the patient to learn how to “build” relationships with other people;
  • helps identify the causes of addiction;
  • contributes to the development of self-confidence, strength and ability to withstand the struggle against life difficulties without addictions;
  • teach you how to control your behavior, emotions, and desires;
  • lead to an awareness of the motives that drive your behavior.

In our counseling center, patients stay in safety and constantly receive all prescribed drug treatment, medical procedures and psychological support.

For a full recovery you need:

  • high-quality treatment;
  • faith in its success.

Psychological assistance will help the addict to get rid of anxiety, fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, as well as to establish relationships, restore mutual understanding, restore interest in new life and pleasure from it. Psychologists of Bridge to Awareness UA center are working to change the behavior of patients, teach them to deal with the burden of addiction.

The help of psychologists combined with medications from My Canadian Pharmacy will return the person to normal life. Remember, you are not alone and our specialists are always ready to help you!

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