Success Stories

success stories

“I express my deep gratitude to Patricia Gist for help! She is a real specialist! My son felt comfortable, not scary, was interested in communicating with this psychologist. Patricia helped us a lot. Thank you so much for your responsiveness and help with our problem.”

“Thank you for your work! I address your center in order to cope with panic attacks. After my visit to you on 09/09/18, I had no more attacks. I am happy because I had been suffering from regular panic attacks for almost 5 years. And you helped me in just one-hour conversation. I don’t know how you did it, maybe you hypnotized me?)) I am very grateful to Bridge to Awareness, thank you for your job!”

“My sons and I needed psychological help. I came to UA counseling center. I can not put into words how happy I am. Aaron Bayne changed my family’s whole life. My children now hear and understand me. I am very grateful to Aaron Bayne for professional help. He is the best professional in our city. Thanks a lot.”

“My sons needed a psychological characteristic. My children, who love me and want to be with me, were called liars and questioned their personal opinion. The bodies that were supposed to provide protection, safety, and supervision over the well-being of my sons, chose to become blind and deaf and ignored the opinion of children. And then, by chance, I came across the website of Bridge to Awareness and had an appointment with Patricia Gist. She conducted diagnostics, various tests in such a friendly setting! My children were happy that they were treated as individuals. THANK YOU! You returned self-confidence to my children, helped not to break amid the chaos of our system, and returned calm to our family. Thank you for everything!”

“In 2016, I found myself in a situation in which I did not see the way out although I always believed that I could cope with all the difficulties on my own. During this difficult period of life, my acquaintance recommended me your counseling center. Your psychologist Aaron Bayne became my saver. Her help was one of the most important turning points in my life. Incredibly charismatic, talented, insightful, charming man. I admire him! But what really impresses me is his dedication to work! I am very pleased that I have addressed you. Here you can choose the method and format of consultation, everything is very accessible, concise and convenient. I can recommend this site to others and be sure they will get highly qualified help. Thank you again!”

“A few months ago, I was consulted by Patricia Gist and I am very grateful to fate for bringing me to this talented, insightful, understanding, and simply stunning lady. She is brilliant in everything: in her work, manners, approach to people, the ability to correctly identify a problem and solve it in such a way that you do not even suspect that you communicate with a psychologist. This communication gave me and my family a lot of positive emotions and gave answers to many questions. Therefore, I recommend Bridge to Awareness to everyone. I am sure, you can help cope with the most serious mental problems.”

“The case brought me to Denise Heller five years ago. Always having my own vision of what is happening, I addressed specialists mainly to confirm and correct my own guesses. Here I received an unexpected recommendation, which turned out to be the only correct one. Talent, extensive experience and rich knowledge make Denise Heller a unique specialist with the broadest vision of the various situations. A woman of great potential, a true professional. Wish you good luck!”

“One good friend of mine introduced me to Patricia Gist. I did not even suspect that there were such experts of the highest level in the world! For about 15 minutes of communication with her, a long-term load of unsolvable (as it seemed to me) problems and offenses fell from my shoulders. I realized that there are no insurmountable obstacles for me and that I have the strength and ability to radically change my life. Patricia awakened the energy in me needed for action. After talking with her, I feel like a different person, and I see the world around in color, not in gray tones as I used to… I bring my children to consultations with her and I recommend Bridge to Awareness counseling center to my friends! Thank you, Patricia, for waking me up! You are the best!!!”

“Thanks for the people you saved, including me. They pulled me out of difficult situations, showed the way to a new life. Thank you for the great, kind and very difficult thing that you do!”