Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Every person feels anxiety or stress sometimes. If you feel unwell, you should seek help. For example, in the event of prolonged stress, it is desirable to influence the situation before sleep problems or despondency begin.

In recent years, the threshold for seeking help with poor mental well-being has decreased, but many more people have been suffering alone for too long. A difficult life situation can affect the well-being of any person so much that their own capabilities or the support of relatives become insufficient. Sometimes the exact cause of bad health can be found neither in the present tense nor in the past.

When a person feels unwell and needs help, it can be difficult to apply for it for many reasons. Mental health problems often begin gradually, which makes it difficult to determine the need for assistance. It can sometimes be difficult to admit to yourself that feeling unwell does not improve with time.

Asking for help may be difficult for many because they will have to tell strangers about their personal lives, their thoughts and feelings. Obstacles can also be feelings of insignificance and hopelessness.

For example, a person suffering from teen substance abuse may feel that he is not sufficiently meaningful or that treatment will not be able to help him.

Seeking help and selecting the appropriate treatment and support may require a lot of time and effort. Despite this, you must seek help in Bridge to Awareness counseling center.

  • Mental health services are designed for each of us, and everyone has the right to ask for help;
  • The sense of need for professional help is a sufficient reason to address our counseling center;
  • You should not hesitate to ask for help in cases when you or someone close to you suffer from self-destructive thoughts or if you are experiencing manic or confused behavior.

How we solve mental health problems

Full and timely diagnosis

Disorders in the endocrine system, neuroinfection, impaired immunity, and even tumors can cause mental disorders. For the correct prescription of treatment.

  • Diagnostic tests: EEG, evoked potentials, hormonal blood tests, sleep patterns, sleep patterns, etc.;
  • Analyzes: general blood tests, hormone tests, bacteriological and virological studies, neurotest;
  • Psychological diagnostic techniques: pathological research, neuropsychological research.

Drug treatment

Most psychotropic drugs cause many side effects: an increase in hormone levels, hypotension, a sharp increase in body weight. That is why our center cooperates with My Canadian Pharmacy – a store selling safe drugs online. We determine the accurate drug dosage based on the level of the drug and its metabolites in the blood. Regular monitoring of drug concentrations during treatment also helps avoid side effects. The combination of the latest treatment methods and competent specialists guarantees a safe and effective treatment, which allows patients to return to a full life.

Safe non-drug treatment

We widely use non-pharmacological therapies, such as biofeedback, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and audiovisual stimulation. Their use allows in some cases to do without psychotropic drugs. With the integrated use of these methods increases the effectiveness of drug treatment for mental health. These methods are safe, which makes them especially valuable for treating pregnant women, children and the elderly with impaired cardiovascular or liver problems.


According to internationally accepted standards, treatment is carried out by a team of specialists: a psychiatrist, a clinical and social psychologist. If necessary, doctors of other specialties are involved in treatment – endocrinologists, neurologists, immunologists. Our center strictly monitors the quality of services provided. All employees of the center have the appropriate certificates and regularly take advanced training courses and training.

If you or a person close to you has a mental disorder – do not despair! Our qualifications and professional experience will help to cope with the disease. You can get quality medical care at Bridge to Awareness counseling center.

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