Possible Drug Treatment Methods

For a successful treatment in Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center, a specialized hospital, a drug addict requires strong motivation. Relatives and close people will help find it. The patient needs hospitalization.Choose the Right Method for Drug Addiction Treatment

Treatment of Drug Dependence

The main stages of drug dependence treatment are as follows:

  • detoxification, tonic, stimulating therapy in combination with taking a narcotic substance from the patient, which he abuses;
  • active anti-drug treatment;
  • anti-relapse therapy with medication online from My Canadian Pharmacy.

The essence of treatment starts at first with the relief of physical dependence, and then a course of psychotherapeutic rehabilitation and support is carried out. So that the thought that the patient will feel well without drugs is fixed in his mind. A necessary condition for the treatment of drug addiction is hospitalization and monitoring of the patient’s condition and behavior.

For the treatment of applied methods such as drug abuse hypnosis, the use of sedative psychotropic drugs and antipsychotics. There are also methods that are based on loyalty to the patient and is not considered as a compulsory mental health treatment.

Possible Complications

Drug addiction entails serious consequences without treatment: decomposition of the personality, possible dementia, exhaustion of vital organs, reduction of immunity. Many addicts are prone to commit suicide. Among drug users, HIV infection and hepatitis caused by a violation of intravenous injection techniques are common. An overdose of a drug often results in the death of a drug addict.

Prevention of Drug Dependence

  1. Primary prevention of drug abuse lies in the social plane and is aimed at preserving and developing conditions that contribute to human health and to prevent the influence of adverse factors.
  2. Secondary (social and medical) drug prevention is aimed at identifying early changes in the body for urgent full and comprehensive treatment, improving the environment in which the drug addict is located, and applying educational measures.
  3. Tertiary (medical) prevention is aimed at preventing the progression of the disease, preventing exacerbations and complications, at reducing the level of disability and mortality.

Various Means for Fighting Drug Addiction

Treatment of substance abuse requires a systematic integrated approach. Any negligence can negate all previous efforts. The psychological component is very important aimed at creating the patient’s convincing motivation for treatment – only then he will be able to get rid of drug addiction.

Drug addiction imposes a heavy imprint on all spheres of life of the patient. It is mandatory to start treatment as fast as possible otherwise it may become irreversible to stop the constant use of drugs provoking physiological and mental disorders. First of all, My Canadian Pharmacy points out you need to convince the patient of the need to visit a doctor.Various Therapies for Drug Addicts

How to make a person undergo treatment for drug addiction, Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center Explanation

The patient will deny, first the fact of taking the drugs, then the fact of addiction to them, and then the need for visiting the hospital. You should do the following to assure him faster:

  • develop and speak loud a common position of the family about the treatment. If some relatives insist on placing the patient in a hospital, while others – trying to “protect” him, this will only aggravate the situation. It is recommended the person who has a respect of a patient to speak to him.
  • select in advance a suitable clinic or rehabilitation center according to the conditions and prices like Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center organized together with My Canadian Pharmacy.
  • achieve the consent of the drug addict to undergo the treatment, try to convince him to go to the clinic at least for a while. Mention this possibility as an anonymous drug addiction treatment.
  • attract a professional psychologist who will visit the patient at home.

Psychological addiction treatment

Group support for relatives of addicts

Treatment of drug addiction is impossible without the involvement of psychologists because it is the daily work with the patient on his motivation. There is a misconception that the body detoxification cures drug addiction. In fact, after detoxification only physiological relief comes, withdrawal disappears, but the established behavioral stereotypes continue to “live” in the patient’s mind. At this time, the patient should be isolated from the unfavorable social environment, where he could get drugs, the psychologist should work intensively with him to keep the patient apart from his usual society, sets him up for the further rehabilitation program. That is why the treatment of drug addiction in the hospital under the constant supervision of narcologists and psychologists is the only effective way. If a patient after detoxification does not go to a rehabilitation center but returns home, he is more likely to return to his former lifestyle.

Therapy for physical addiction to drugs. Detoxification and Blocking Agents

Addiction therapy is surrounded by many myths that are united by one thing – the irresponsibility and unwillingness to think through the problem. Often, drug addicts and even their families believe that opioid receptor blockers that are implanted under the skin or detoxification procedures will magically cure the patient once and forever. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Blocking agents give effect only after a course of detoxification and allow to stop the consequences of a possible breakdown. This is only an auxiliary means of treatment.

Detoxification measures must be taken in the hospital, some of them have contraindications and are stressful for the body. It usually takes from 5 to 10 days to carry out complete detoxification, after which a person can get out of bed and go outside, but the craving for narcotic substances remains. That is why a rehabilitation period is required, which on average takes about 3 months.

Xenon gas therapy

Xenon is used in the hospital to relieve acute withdrawal symptoms in drug addicts. Xenon inhalations are completely harmless to the body and help:

  • restore brain function;
  • improve healthy sleep;
  • reduce depressive symptoms;
  • relieve acute anxiety and panic attacks.

The course usually consists of 5 sessions. In the interval between sessions, the patient feels better, the work of a psychologist facilitates the motivation for recovery. There are no contraindications to this procedure.

Plasma exchange

In the process of plasmapheresis, the patient’s blood is removed from the body, is divided into blood cells and plasma, after which the blood cells are returned back to the body. After that, the plasma containing the accumulated toxins is destroyed. The lack of fluid in the body is filled with special sterile solutions. It is difficult for the body to tolerate a one-time procedure, comparable to surgical intervention in stress level, it is recommended to drug addicts in a number of cases that are determined by the attending physician. Plasmapheresis cannot be used in the case of diagnosed diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Electrically induced sleep

It is possible to immerse him in the so-called electrosleep by acting on the patient’s brain with constant impulses of electric current. It is a kind of a special psychophysical state contributing to the normalization of all body systems work. Under the influence of electrically induced sleep, the metabolism is restored, the functional state of the nervous system is improved, the excretion of toxins is accelerated.

Intravenous laser blood irradiation

This type of light therapy is designed to protect against the action of aggressive oxidants, in large quantities contained in the body of an addict. It also stimulates the immune system and normalizes metabolism, helps fight blood clots. After intravenous laser blood irradiation, the patient becomes more responsive to drug and other types of therapy.


Physiotherapy is widely used in the treatment of drug addiction. It creates a minimal burden on the patient’s body and does not have side effects. The main physiotherapeutic methods of drug treatment include acupuncture, massage, lymphatic drainage. Physiotherapy procedures are prescribed by the course.

Outpatient treatment

The principles of addiction treatment suggest placing the patient in the hospital. It is better to search for a specialized drug treatment center, where all the necessary conditions are created, experienced specialists work. Some procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, but already during the rehabilitation period. Some medications online may be used to relieve the pain after the rehabilitation process.

Treatment of Teen Substance Abuse

Overcoming of Withdrawal

In modern drug abuse practice, there is a wide enough arsenal of means for coping with withdrawal syndrome. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to determine the composition and quantity of drugs in each case or prescribe other detoxification methods. This can only be done by a qualified specialist.

Some addicts are trying to overcome the withdrawal on their own, at home. But it has never brought the desired result. The patient takes alcohol in the hope that he will relieve him of the pain, but this situation only worsens. The addict takes painkillers and sleeping drugs trying to fall asleep to get rid of aching pains. During the withdrawal syndrome, various psychostimulants, which in this situation carry a huge risk to the health and life of the addict, are particularly dangerous.

When coping with the withdrawal syndrome at home there is always a risk of complications. Moreover, in such conditions, there is no strict control over the patient’s compliance with the necessary to have a sober time. Therefore, it is necessary to cope with withdrawal and treat drug addiction in a hospital where there are necessary conditions, equipment and preparations even bought online.drug addiction

The patient should know that the withdrawal will last for 5-7 days, during which the body will be deprived of toxins produced by narcotic substances arresting the symptoms of withdrawal. In most cases, the procedures begin with the intravenous injection of a polyion salt solution, which restores the electrolytic balance in his body. Soothing, hypnotics, vasodilators, diuretics and other drugs are added to this solution especially applied in Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center and My Canadian Pharmacy.

After detoxifying the body, the patient is injected vitamins and minerals that help the body stimulate internal forces for faster recovery.

Breaking up is the first stage in drug treatment. The addict must understand that after the elimination of withdrawal syndrome he must follow the necessary treatment to quit substance abuse while being a teen, otherwise, his life will turn upside down.

Treatment of drug addiction begins with the withdrawal stopping, then drug therapy is carried out. After this, much attention is paid to the psychological rehabilitation and social adaptation of the person. Together with the teen and his parents, the specialists of drug treatment go through all the stages of this difficult path and support it at every level of getting rid of mental health problem known as abuse of harmful substances. If the patient strictly complies with all the recommendations of the doctors and seriously approaches the question of the treatment, he will be able to return to normal life and find family, friends, and start working again.

Teens’ Treatment

When it comes to drug addiction, patient’s relatives turn for help to UA counseling center. Such a center is established for the reason for drug addicts and alcoholics to find psychological assistance. Alcohol abuse in humans usually develops unnoticed. He often drinks beer, and gradually increases its quantity, becomes a regular participant in the fests and feels light hangovers, gradually turning into stronger and more unpleasant ones. And finally, there develops alcoholism, when alcohol is the main means for entertaining and avoiding the difficulties of life.

The fight against drug addiction is carried out simultaneously on several levels. This is prevention, legislative regulation and medical treatment with My Canadian Pharmacy. Compliance with controls at these levels allows you to restrain the spread of addiction. Many people consider drug addicts to be the misfits and do not see the need to help them. They motivate by the fact that drug addicts chose their own path, no one forced them to try drugs that even children know about the dangers.

A person first tries a drug freely but when he sees that he has made a mistake, he cannot refuse to use this poison on his own. First of all, close people should help addicts because they are often the incentive for the patient to return to normal life.

People who are addicted to drugs need help but often they are not ready to ask for it. These people are sick inside, their lives are turned upside down, the past is destroyed, and there is no future. They are scared and feel hopeless. That is why the help of other people will be an important step in their lives. A person becomes dependent on harmful substances seeing and understanding nothing.

In this process, time plays a major role. It is impossible to recover and undergo rehabilitation for a month. This will take from 3 months to 1 year. A person who has used drugs still feels the sensation of this poison after a month. And not so easy to get rid of them.

Often, in order for a drug addict to realize the severity of his addiction, he needs to experience a strong shock. For example, a drug overdose or heavy loss. Then, he wants to change his life. But almost every addict needs support or a motivation, few drug addicts cope with this alone. At the initial stages of rejection of drugs, the patient has a severe mental state. He is haunted by depression, mood swings and even unwillingness to live. At this time, the support of other people is important – friends, relatives, and even few acquaintances.

Substance Abuse Counseling

The problem of preventing and treating substance abuse is extremely important, acute and complex. It differs according to age characteristics, sexual manifestations, individual social situation. Most often, a person’s relatives or relatives turn to a psychologist with the problem of substance abuse. The first meetings of an “unmotivated” client are quite complex, they require special patience, a clear distinction between functions and drawing up agreements.

Such clients, in addition to counseling meetings aimed at identifying psychological factors of behavioral disorders, the degree of mental dependence, diagnosis of personality type, requiring, as a rule, long-term psychotherapeutic intervention. In this case, psychotherapy serves as a pathogenetic method of treatment and requires a clear definition of indicators for its use. Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center and its partner – My Canadian Pharmacy have organized many such meetings during which addicts have no even desire to speak.Substance Abuse Counseling

The Main Task of the Counseling Center

The most important task of a psychologist is timely and adequate psychological support at the level of personal acceptance aimed at re-educating the person is advisable to change the model of living and behaving.

The structure of the counseling process. Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center offers together with My Canadian Pharmacy the so-called eclectic consulting model:

  • establishing contact with the client;
  • overview problems;
  • identification of alternatives;
  • planning activities;
  • assessment and feedback.

The selection of stages is conditional and individual since the main direction of work is determined by the client’s personal readiness to understand and change the situation. An important role belongs to the professional competence of the consultant, his human qualities and experience. Among counseling centers, there is a perception that the best psychotherapists are those who themselves survived the traumatic situation of drug addiction. It is worth remembering:

  • each person is unique, each situation is unique;
  • the relationship between the consultant and the client is determined by the “therapeutic alliance” specified as the task of the specific meeting;
  • in dealing with a dependent person there are no trifles, there can be a patient experience behind each episode, which results in revealing thoughts by manipulations, psychological games;
  • It is important to show feelings to the clients’ emotional reactions.

Counseling Center: What Characteristic Features Should Have A Psychologist

Do not forget about the limits of psychologist influence during mental health consultations:

  • his capabilities are specified not only by professionalism but also by a number of situational factors which accompanies the client;
  • communication with addictive clients requires a lot of emotional costs, provoking professional burnout, energy depletion.

The Essence of Mental Health Problems

The main indicator of the problem of a dependent client is the aggravation of internal contradictions – the presence of an internal conflict (“I want and I can’t”, “I must and I am afraid”). That is, one part of the personality is opposed contrary to the other. Life ideals, values, a desired image of the future, volitional processes carry out indirect influence. During the first meeting, as a rule, there is a lack of clear life goals, promising lines, and even the loss of meanings of existence.

Obviously, an independent, purposeful person quickly “returns to normal”, at the same time little organized, suggestible, independent people are not able to independently identify the motivational dominant, and even less to find ways to achieve the desired results. Increased tension leads to an aggravation of contradictions, emotional disturbances and the loss of psychological equilibrium. A person is trying, at least for a short time to find peace, to forget about problems. In the presence of “favorable” circumstances (friend-addict, free amount of money, betrayal of a loved one, trouble in the family), such a person quickly gets hooked again.

An actualized internal conflict can be observed in such cases: the discrepancy between verbal and non-verbal manifestations (gesticulating too much, repeats the same phrases, “forgets” to answer the question and etc.). A frequent unfavorable internal situation is accompanied by somatic manifestations – sleep disturbance, headaches, neurotic and allergic reactions.

Counseling Techniques

The selection of technical tools depends on the methodological training of the consultant and the current state of the client, his interest and readiness for long, often confrontational work. The most common in modern practice is a rational and suggestive psychotherapy using wide methods of techniques.

A conversation with a client first aims to promote clarifying the thoughts, that is, to encourage him to “speak out” as much as possible for understanding the unconscious resentment, guilt, and phobias. During the conversation, the anxiety is suppressed, positive emotions may occur. The client may cry, complain of incomprehension.

In a situation of short-term therapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is successfully used, which helps relatively quickly improve the client’s psycho-emotional state. The specifics of working with a client include:

  • orientation on the resources of the client himself and his family to solve the main problem (game-drug-alcohol dependence);
  • sharing of responsibility between the client and the consultant;
  • reliance on the experience and intuition of the consultant;
  • technical plasticity and subjectivity;
  • the careful attitude should be paid to symptoms, non-verbal manifestations;
  • restriction in familiar contacts (with the support and assistance of relatives) or complete separation from social groups that provoke manifestations of negative harmful habits.

A psychiatrist may prescribe medications online for you. Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center recommends you to use My Canadian Pharmacy. This service is a reliable one which brings you medications for any case in the shortest time spans.

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