Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center together with My Canadian Pharmacy staff and medications offer the following services:

  • psychiatry;
  • psychotherapy;
  • neurology;
  • psychology;
  • speech therapy/defectology.

Why is Mental Health So Important?

Mental health is so important because of the following factors:

  • mental health doesn’t indicate the absence of mental disorders;
  • it is an integral part of health; indeed, there is no health without mental health;
  • it is defined by a number of social and economic, biological and environmental factors.
  • mental health promotion is characterized by cost-effective intersectoral strategies and public health interventions.

Mental Health Care and Treatment

It is extremely important not only to protect and strengthen the mental well-being of people but also to solve the problems associated with the needs of people with certain mental disorders.

Over the past decade, an understanding of what needs to be done in relation to the growing rate of mental disorders has improved significantly. The volume of information is growing testifying to the effectiveness and relativeness of the most significant measures for mental disorders in countries with different levels of economic development from an economic point of view. Examples of such actions that are cost-effective, feasible and affordable are:

  • treatment of depression with psychotherapy and in the case of moderate or severe depression with antidepressants and other medications from My Canadian Pharmacy;
  • treatment of psychoses with antipsychotics in combination with psychosocial support;
  • taxation of alcoholic beverages and the restriction of their sales and advertising;
  • treatment of teen substance abuse on time by informing the danger lies upon.

In addition, there are a number of effective measures for:

  • the prevention of suicide;
  • the prevention and treatment of mental disorders in children;
  • the prevention and treatment of dementia;
  • the treatment of disorders caused by the use of psychoactive substances.

The WHO Mental Health Gap Program of Action (mhGAP) has developed evidence-based guidelines for non-specialists with which they can identify and manage a number of priority mental health disorders.

Many of these worked out problems are used by UA counseling center, Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center, My Canadian Pharmacy and many other facilities specializing in mental health counseling and treatment. We can prevent many mental dysfunctions including alcohol and drugs addictions by means of informing people about possible consequences.

Prevention of Teens Substance Abuse

There is increasing evidence that substance abuse among teens is increasing. It was found that among adolescents aged 12-17 years brought to mental health services, the prevalence of substance use is 13.1% (16.3% among boys and 9.3% among girls). Despite the relatively high prevalence of this phenomenon, very few services have been created for treating teens. Instead, there is a strong emphasis on prevention, even in the absence of universal agreement on what can be achieved with prevention. In addition, with this approach, a significant number of adolescents are not amenable to any preventive measures.

The need for treatment, its type and intensity depends on the nature of the mental problem and the severity of disorders or social insufficiency caused by psychoactive substances. However, in the medical plan, it should take into account the complex of personal needs and requirements for the environment of the adolescent, the existing mental disorder, lack of communication and study skills, somatic pathology and problems in the family. The plan should take into account the form of a assistance that can be provided by multidisciplinary teams and various institutions (usually social security and education systems) and should be coordinated with the adolescent and his family.