Substance Abuse Counseling

The problem of preventing and treating substance abuse is extremely important, acute and complex. It differs according to age characteristics, sexual manifestations, individual social situation. Most often, a person’s relatives or relatives turn to a psychologist with the problem of substance abuse. The first meetings of an “unmotivated” client are quite complex, they require special patience, a clear distinction between functions and drawing up agreements.

Such clients, in addition to counseling meetings aimed at identifying psychological factors of behavioral disorders, the degree of mental dependence, diagnosis of personality type, requiring, as a rule, long-term psychotherapeutic intervention. In this case, psychotherapy serves as a pathogenetic method of treatment and requires a clear definition of indicators for its use. Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center and its partner – My Canadian Pharmacy have organized many such meetings during which addicts have no even desire to speak.Substance Abuse Counseling

The Main Task of the Counseling Center

The most important task of a psychologist is timely and adequate psychological support at the level of personal acceptance aimed at re-educating the person is advisable to change the model of living and behaving.

The structure of the counseling process. Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center offers together with My Canadian Pharmacy the so-called eclectic consulting model:

  • establishing contact with the client;
  • overview problems;
  • identification of alternatives;
  • planning activities;
  • assessment and feedback.

The selection of stages is conditional and individual since the main direction of work is determined by the client’s personal readiness to understand and change the situation. An important role belongs to the professional competence of the consultant, his human qualities and experience. Among counseling centers, there is a perception that the best psychotherapists are those who themselves survived the traumatic situation of drug addiction. It is worth remembering:

  • each person is unique, each situation is unique;
  • the relationship between the consultant and the client is determined by the “therapeutic alliance” specified as the task of the specific meeting;
  • in dealing with a dependent person there are no trifles, there can be a patient experience behind each episode, which results in revealing thoughts by manipulations, psychological games;
  • It is important to show feelings to the clients’ emotional reactions.

Counseling Center: What Characteristic Features Should Have A Psychologist

Do not forget about the limits of psychologist influence during mental health consultations:

  • his capabilities are specified not only by professionalism but also by a number of situational factors which accompanies the client;
  • communication with addictive clients requires a lot of emotional costs, provoking professional burnout, energy depletion.

The Essence of Mental Health Problems

The main indicator of the problem of a dependent client is the aggravation of internal contradictions – the presence of an internal conflict (“I want and I can’t”, “I must and I am afraid”). That is, one part of the personality is opposed contrary to the other. Life ideals, values, a desired image of the future, volitional processes carry out indirect influence. During the first meeting, as a rule, there is a lack of clear life goals, promising lines, and even the loss of meanings of existence.

Obviously, an independent, purposeful person quickly “returns to normal”, at the same time little organized, suggestible, independent people are not able to independently identify the motivational dominant, and even less to find ways to achieve the desired results. Increased tension leads to an aggravation of contradictions, emotional disturbances and the loss of psychological equilibrium. A person is trying, at least for a short time to find peace, to forget about problems. In the presence of “favorable” circumstances (friend-addict, free amount of money, betrayal of a loved one, trouble in the family), such a person quickly gets hooked again.

An actualized internal conflict can be observed in such cases: the discrepancy between verbal and non-verbal manifestations (gesticulating too much, repeats the same phrases, “forgets” to answer the question and etc.). A frequent unfavorable internal situation is accompanied by somatic manifestations – sleep disturbance, headaches, neurotic and allergic reactions.

Counseling Techniques

The selection of technical tools depends on the methodological training of the consultant and the current state of the client, his interest and readiness for long, often confrontational work. The most common in modern practice is a rational and suggestive psychotherapy using wide methods of techniques.

A conversation with a client first aims to promote clarifying the thoughts, that is, to encourage him to “speak out” as much as possible for understanding the unconscious resentment, guilt, and phobias. During the conversation, the anxiety is suppressed, positive emotions may occur. The client may cry, complain of incomprehension.

In a situation of short-term therapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is successfully used, which helps relatively quickly improve the client’s psycho-emotional state. The specifics of working with a client include:

  • orientation on the resources of the client himself and his family to solve the main problem (game-drug-alcohol dependence);
  • sharing of responsibility between the client and the consultant;
  • reliance on the experience and intuition of the consultant;
  • technical plasticity and subjectivity;
  • the careful attitude should be paid to symptoms, non-verbal manifestations;
  • restriction in familiar contacts (with the support and assistance of relatives) or complete separation from social groups that provoke manifestations of negative harmful habits.

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