Treatment of Teen Substance Abuse

Overcoming of Withdrawal

In modern drug abuse practice, there is a wide enough arsenal of means for coping with withdrawal syndrome. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to determine the composition and quantity of drugs in each case or prescribe other detoxification methods. This can only be done by a qualified specialist.

Some addicts are trying to overcome the withdrawal on their own, at home. But it has never brought the desired result. The patient takes alcohol in the hope that he will relieve him of the pain, but this situation only worsens. The addict takes painkillers and sleeping drugs trying to fall asleep to get rid of aching pains. During the withdrawal syndrome, various psychostimulants, which in this situation carry a huge risk to the health and life of the addict, are particularly dangerous.

When coping with the withdrawal syndrome at home there is always a risk of complications. Moreover, in such conditions, there is no strict control over the patient’s compliance with the necessary to have a sober time. Therefore, it is necessary to cope with withdrawal and treat drug addiction in a hospital where there are necessary conditions, equipment and preparations even bought online.drug addiction

The patient should know that the withdrawal will last for 5-7 days, during which the body will be deprived of toxins produced by narcotic substances arresting the symptoms of withdrawal. In most cases, the procedures begin with the intravenous injection of a polyion salt solution, which restores the electrolytic balance in his body. Soothing, hypnotics, vasodilators, diuretics and other drugs are added to this solution especially applied in Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center and My Canadian Pharmacy.

After detoxifying the body, the patient is injected vitamins and minerals that help the body stimulate internal forces for faster recovery.

Breaking up is the first stage in drug treatment. The addict must understand that after the elimination of withdrawal syndrome he must follow the necessary treatment to quit substance abuse while being a teen, otherwise, his life will turn upside down.

Treatment of drug addiction begins with the withdrawal stopping, then drug therapy is carried out. After this, much attention is paid to the psychological rehabilitation and social adaptation of the person. Together with the teen and his parents, the specialists of drug treatment go through all the stages of this difficult path and support it at every level of getting rid of mental health problem known as abuse of harmful substances. If the patient strictly complies with all the recommendations of the doctors and seriously approaches the question of the treatment, he will be able to return to normal life and find family, friends, and start working again.

Teens’ Treatment

When it comes to drug addiction, patient’s relatives turn for help to UA counseling center. Such a center is established for the reason for drug addicts and alcoholics to find psychological assistance. Alcohol abuse in humans usually develops unnoticed. He often drinks beer, and gradually increases its quantity, becomes a regular participant in the fests and feels light hangovers, gradually turning into stronger and more unpleasant ones. And finally, there develops alcoholism, when alcohol is the main means for entertaining and avoiding the difficulties of life.

The fight against drug addiction is carried out simultaneously on several levels. This is prevention, legislative regulation and medical treatment with My Canadian Pharmacy. Compliance with controls at these levels allows you to restrain the spread of addiction. Many people consider drug addicts to be the misfits and do not see the need to help them. They motivate by the fact that drug addicts chose their own path, no one forced them to try drugs that even children know about the dangers.

A person first tries a drug freely but when he sees that he has made a mistake, he cannot refuse to use this poison on his own. First of all, close people should help addicts because they are often the incentive for the patient to return to normal life.

People who are addicted to drugs need help but often they are not ready to ask for it. These people are sick inside, their lives are turned upside down, the past is destroyed, and there is no future. They are scared and feel hopeless. That is why the help of other people will be an important step in their lives. A person becomes dependent on harmful substances seeing and understanding nothing.

In this process, time plays a major role. It is impossible to recover and undergo rehabilitation for a month. This will take from 3 months to 1 year. A person who has used drugs still feels the sensation of this poison after a month. And not so easy to get rid of them.

Often, in order for a drug addict to realize the severity of his addiction, he needs to experience a strong shock. For example, a drug overdose or heavy loss. Then, he wants to change his life. But almost every addict needs support or a motivation, few drug addicts cope with this alone. At the initial stages of rejection of drugs, the patient has a severe mental state. He is haunted by depression, mood swings and even unwillingness to live. At this time, the support of other people is important – friends, relatives, and even few acquaintances.

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